Centre for Comparative Religion & Culture


Centre for Comparative Religion & Culture

Centre for Comparative Religion and Culture founded in accordance with the Memorandum of Association of the N.C.E. Bengal (1906) is engaged in study and research on the major world religions and the discipline of modern comparative religion.

This year the Centre for Comparative Religion under the aegis of the National Council of Education, Bengal organized nineteen online seminar lectures, attended on an average by 50 individuals.

Centre for Comparative Religion & Culture


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Centre for Comparative Religion & Culture


  1. Sukanya Ray is working on the Indus Valley Civilization from Mehrgarh to Rakhigarhi, and coming of the (Aryan speaking people) in Iran (Old Bactria) and India.
  2. Sukanya Ray contributed an article “Women in the days of Rig Veda” in Representation of Women Space (Vol III) being published by Kunal Books, New Delhi
  3. Debangshu Bhattacharya is working on 1st Bengal Renaissance during Hussain Shahi Sultanate period
  4. Sandip Ghosal completed and published Bhagavd Gita in the form of Panchali
  5. Sandip Ghosal is working on Mangalkavyas
  6. Reba Lihiri, Triguna Sen Research Scholar, is working on The Development of Puranic Hindu Dharma – from Dharmasutra and Dharmashastra
  7. Susmita Bhattacharya is working on a Monograph on Zoroastrianism
  8. Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Research Scholar has compiled a collection of selected articles in Bengali published in past one hundred years – Bangla vasay Jaina dharma charcha


Published by Papyrus, Kolkata-700004. Professor Arun Kumar Mookerjee, Director – Centre for Comparative Religion and Culture has written an introduction to the collection. The book has been welcomed in Colleges and Universities of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

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