School of Social Work & Community Services


School of Social Work & Community Services

The School of Social Work & Community Service was established on November 05, 2002 with the financial assistance of Rupees three lakhs donated by a friend and well wisher of the Council, Sri Joginder Singh Chawla, through a member of the Council, Sri Preetam Singh Chawla, to train up people working with NGOs and CVOs and the youth desirous of accepting social work as their profession or vocation in conformity with the ideals of the Council.

The classes are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays for 6-months, three hours on Saturdays and four hours on Sundays for theory and skill development. The trainees are deputed in reputed social welfare organizations for practical exposure and project work for fifteen days. The course contents aim at providing information, knowledge and skill development to social workers, including writing of project proposal for funding.

Eminent people from the academic world and social welfare field constitute the faculty and trainees are exposed to the following subjects:
i) Social Work, ii) Organisation, iii) Sociology, iv) Economics, v) Psychology, vi) Project, vii) Health, viii) Biography, ix) Communication and Public Relations, x) English Language, xi) Rights and facilities, xii) Computer, xiii) Skill Development, xiv) Resource Mobilisation for Social Change, xv) Tools for Social Change.

Practical Computer education of 20 hours is also given in computer lab. The course has a slab of communicative English once a week for six months.

The medium of the course is Bengali.

School of Social Work & Community Services​

Library – The School has a library with various valuable books which are extensively used by the teachers and the trainees. Every year new books are added. The Library remains open on all days between 12 noon and 4 p.m.

The class of 52nd Batch of 2020 started on January 11, 2020 with 67 students and 66 classes were held upto March 15, 2020 and thereafter due to COVID’19 pandemic classes could not be held as the campus was closed and the students mostly coming from districts could not come as the local train services were totally suspended. The interview of 53rd Batch of students fixed on March 29, 2020 could not be held due to the COVID’19 pandemic. In short, there were no activities of the school between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021 due to COVID’19 pandemic.

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School of Social Work & Community Services​

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