Jadavpur Vidyapith (Nursery & Primary) 


Jadavpur Vidyapith (Nursery & Primary) 

Jadavpur Vidyapith founded on March 11, 1957 is the first academic Institute established by the Council on its present campus after the Jadavpur University was set up on December 24, 1955.

The Bengali Medium School with its distinguished features and uniqueness has gained immense popularity and can be considered as one of the extraordinary institutions with its objective of giving exposure to the children in a special environment with wide range of amenities.

The Council entirely controls the academic, administrative and financial wings of School. The Institute from the day of its emergence has been strictly following the objectives laid down by the national leaders during Swadeshi Movement of 1905.

Jadavpur Vidyapith (Nursery & Primary) 

Education on National lines should imply among other things:

  1. a) Medium of instruction should be vernacular but English should be kept as a compulsory subject.
  1. b) Compilation of suitable text books especially in the vernacular.
  2.   Promoting physical and moral education.
  3. Attaching a special importance to knowledge of the country, its literature, culture and History and Heritage, keeping in view the following:
    • Exacting a high standard of proficiency.
    • Enforcement of strict discipline.
  1. Completion of school education at the 15th year (minimum) and commencement of higher secondary education at the 16th year (minimum).

There are several Sub-Committees/ other working groups for the   following activities:

  • Academic matters
  • Magazine
  • Sports & Games
  • Excursions
  • School functions
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Quiz Contest
  • Community Festival
  • Exhibition
  • Communication Book
  • Library Books
  • Prize selection & purchase
  • Various Competitions
  • Computer
  • Teaching Aids
  • Students’ Activities
  • Website
  • CCTV
Jadavpur Vidyapith (Nursery & Primary) 

Managing Committee

Smt. Sampa Das

Member, Teachers’ Representative

Sri Soubhik Panda

Member, Guardians’ Representative

Smt. Sreemoyee Dey

Member, Teachers’ Representative

Smt. Rupasree Saha

Headmistress, JV (N&P), Jt. Secretary

Sri Partha Pratim Baidya

Ex-officio Member, Head Master, Jadavpur Vidyapith

Dr. Shaon Nandi

Member, Guardians’ Representative

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